Armored Core

"Whoever said swordmages don't know how to have fun?"


Armored Core is a human and 23 winters old. He is rugged and muscular, perfect for his style as a particularly combative swordmage. His hair is brown and always looks haphazard. He is usually wears a blank tank top and loose trousers, the easier to train with.

Fellow students and staff often have difficulty understanding his speech since he speaks in an unusual dialect of Common and uses numerous colloquialisms from his homeland.


Armored Core doesn’t go by any other name and insists folks refer to him by his full name. People ask him how he came to be known by that and he always replies “My parents named me that. I don’t know why but it’s too much of a hassle to change.” And he usually follows it with an easy going grin.

It is currently his sixth year at the Academy and is a year away from graduating.

He is usually found outside Stokes Hall, training with other students in Harrid Yard. He is happy to assist aspiring swordmages with their swordsmanship. Otherwise, he is in Umberlin Dormitory enjoying his mates’ hidden stash of firewhiskey.

Armored Core

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